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The Demon and the Sorcerer Ch. 3
"So, you had to soak nightshade, lilac, and blackberries in water mixed with honey and then leave it under the noon sun until the mixture turned gold?"
"The potion worked perfectly."
"Perfectly how, may I ask? I presume it didn't give the poor child the stomach ache of a lifetime?"
"Certainly not! It gave her the ability to speak to dogs!"
"To dogs?" Tomoko asked with a laugh.
"Take it from me, Tomoko, this child will revolutionize the field of veterinary science!"
"Provided her parents don't think she's possessed!"
"Not this little one. She knows better. And she will be a friend to all canines, the most loyal of creatures. Except, perhaps, for bats," Ladahord added, tipping his friend a wink.
"And I thought the potion you told me about last month was your most creative work. What was in that one again? Bark from a willow tree and a strand of a horse's mane?"
"A strand from a wild horses's mane. Given willingly, I might add." Ladahlord chuckled. "I spent nearly an hour trying to
:iconahzeya:Ahzeya 2 1
Enjoying Themselves by Ahzeya Enjoying Themselves :iconahzeya:Ahzeya 1 1 First Dance by Ahzeya First Dance :iconahzeya:Ahzeya 1 1 At Last by Ahzeya At Last :iconahzeya:Ahzeya 2 1 Groomsmen by Ahzeya Groomsmen :iconahzeya:Ahzeya 1 1 Bridesmaids! by Ahzeya Bridesmaids! :iconahzeya:Ahzeya 4 1 Brief Rest by Ahzeya Brief Rest :iconahzeya:Ahzeya 3 1
The Demon and The Sorcerer Ch. 2
"Now, do you understand what you have to do, Saki?" Ladahlord asked, kneeling down. In front of him, the little girl nodded furiously, her thick black bangs dancing over her wide brown eyes.
"I understand, sir. I have to wait for the sun to go down, then face the rising moon and drink this potion."
"Well done. Do so and I promise you won't wake cold and hungry tomorrow."
The gaunt eight-year-old's face split into a wide smile. "Thank you! Thank you, sir!"
"Of course, little one. Good luck!" Ladahlord rose to his feet and snapped his fingers, vanishing in a cloud of mist. In truth, though, he only teleported himself behind a nearby tree. Peering around the thick trunk, Ladahlord watched the little girl dart into the run-down shack she called home. The sorcerer shook his head; living as an orphan on the outskirts of a little village was no life for a child. Why, it was a miracle she hadn't starved to death or been carried her off by someone with less than honorable intentions. Ah, well,
:iconahzeya:Ahzeya 1 0
The Demon and the Sorcerer Ch. 1
Ladahlord knelt and plunged the empty flask into the stream. Drawing it out, the sorcerer inserted a cork and shook the flask a few times. Perfect! Clear water from a Japanese stream was just what his next spell called for. Stowing the flask into one of his many pockets, Ladahlord gave the lapels of his red velvet jacket a tug and straightened his black silk top hat. He was about to leave when the bushes behind him rustled. Ladahlord paused, sighed, then turned to face the vibrating greenery.
"I know you're there," he called. "Go on, clear off, or I'll turn you into flowers for some doe-eyed maiden to come along and pluck!"
Hissing laughter came from the bushes. "Bold old sorcerer or foolish young sorcerer?" a raspy voice questioned.
"Young or old, I wasn't told," Ladahlord answered. And in truth, he had no idea of his exact age. His current appearance was a cross between a young man just beginning to get old and an old man with quite a few traces of youth. His physical traits, like hi
:iconahzeya:Ahzeya 2 5
The Trial Epilogue
"Today's James's birthday," Rin noted softly. Ladahlord gestured toward his work station. The crystal ball floated off the table and drifted over to land in the sorcerer's lap.
"Would you like to see him, Rin?" he asked. Rin eyed the crystal, nodding her head once. Ladahlord placed his hands on the ball, muttered a brief spell and allowed Rin full view of the sphere.
As the two watched, the crystal shimmered and began to glow from within. A long wooden staircase, overlooked by an oval window and soft white curtains swam into view. The window peered out into a darkening sky, but the staircase was filled with the cozy light of a nearby lamp. Rin eyed the image intently and Ladahlord noted her claws rapidly tapping against the soft dirt.
Soon enough, two figures appeared on the stairway. Rin recognized both Ladybug and Grasshopper straight away. Both insects were carefully ascending the staircase at a slow pace and with good reason. The young half-demon's eyes softened as she noticed a fa
:iconahzeya:Ahzeya 3 0
The Trial Ch. 13
The sun was setting through a sky streaked with pink and orange. From the soft grass of a lush meadow, Ladahlord watched the crimson orb dipping into the sky before turning back to his work. Spread out on a makeshift table were a large crystal ball, a wooden bowl a set of scales, a mortar and pedestal and a varied collection of herbs. Casting a practiced eye over the materials, the sorcerer selected a small bunch of purple berries. Squeezing them over the bowl, they produced a thick blood-red juice.
"Perfect," he noted. Ladahlord chuckled as the familiar sounds of beating wings reached his ears. "This concoction will be a particularly potent one."
"That's good to know," Rin said, landing beside the sorcerer and folding her wings. "Hopefully, another child won't be miserable much longer."
"Well, that's what I'm here for," Ladahlord answered.
"Lucky for James you were," Rin said softly, sitting cross-legged next to her friend. Ladahlord cast an eye over the young half-demon.
"One way or
:iconahzeya:Ahzeya 2 0
The Trial Ch. 12
The four demons approached Eliza, motioning for her to stand. The matron did so as the rest of the demons in the room stood as well. Ushered closer to the bench where Takashi sat, Eliza gasped as two of her male guards gripped her upper arms, holding her firmly in place.
Trapped, Eliza watched as Rin made her way down to her. The young half-demon met Eliza's eyes, her mouth set in a determined line. Behind her, Takashi and the rest of his family watched as Shinobu shuffled off the bench and into the shadows. He returned a few moments later, limping as best he could due to his maimed foot. In his clawed hands, the old rat demon held a small wooden bowl filled with an oily liquid. The smell that wafted up from the bowl made Eliza's head spin and she had to breathe through her mouth just to keep her mind clear.
Eliza gulped. Was she to be poisoned? Obviously not as Rin turned and submerged her sharp claws into the bowl. Rin held her fingers in the bowl for several seconds, then withdrew t
:iconahzeya:Ahzeya 1 0
The Trial Ch. 11
"Come now, Ms. Brown, no need to look so alarmed." Eliza looked up to see Kenta's cold smile. "As we stated, the women were already dead before we acquired their skulls."
Small comfort, Eliza thought as her mind conjured up an image of bat demons sneaking into a morgue, finding Spiker and Sponge's bodies and... Eliza's stomach lurched and she shuddered, wrapping her arms around herself.
Was this to be her fate, then? Another ghastly trophy for the Kurosaki war chest? Would she soon be decapitated or would the removal of her head come after he demons had drawn out her death?
"No need to look like that, Ms. Brown. You will not share the same fate as Spiker and Sponge." Eliza looked up at Takashi's words. The demon lord turned to his niece. "I believe my niece wanted something more suitable, didn't you, Rin?"
"Yes, Uncle," the half-demon replied. "Spiker and Sponge were the true abusers of my brother, but I have little sympathy for someone who could have helped an orphan child avoi
:iconahzeya:Ahzeya 1 0
The Trial Ch. 10
"We have heard the testimony from both Eliza Brown and from a reliable witness," Takashi said. The demon's eyes fell upon the kneeling matron, icy as a winter morning. "Does anyone here wish to refute the evidence?" Predictably, not one of the assembled demons spoke and Takashi nodded.
"Very well, then. By our laws, Eliza Brown will be subject to the punishment we decide for her. But first, Ms. Brown will be allowed to speak, if she wishes."
Eliza bit her lip, averting her gaze for a moment. Uncertain as she was after hearing the testimony from Shinobu, she knew that this would be her last chance for mercy. She had to make her case now; she had to.
"Well, Ms. Brown?"
"I would like to say something," Eliza said, looking back up at the demon lord. Takashi's brow furrowed, but he nodded.
"Very well. We will listen." Eliza took a deep breath and looked up at the assembled demons before her.
"I don't disagree that I committed an oversight and that I should have been more thorough in
:iconahzeya:Ahzeya 1 0
Pooka by Ahzeya Pooka :iconahzeya:Ahzeya 2 3
The Trial Ch. 9
"I have ssssserved the Kurosaki family ssssince the days of the late great Haruki," the rat demon wheezed. He coughed a few times and shook his pointed face. The demon continued speaking, his words smoother.
"While I can no longer participate in the heat of battle-" Shinobu gestured to his right foot, where a large chunk of flesh was missing- "I can still serve the family in another fashion."
"Could you please describe what you were doing in England at the time of Eliza's actions?" Takashi asked.
"Scouting, my lord. There were rumors of a demon rhinoceros in England, though I can safely say there was nothing of the sort."
Demon rhinoceros? The beast that killed the Trotters was a demon? No, Eliza thought, the rat demon had specifically stated that it wasn't a demon.
"I take it then, this was the creature that was responsible for the death of my sister-in-law and her second husband?" Takashi asked.
"Hai, my lord," Shinobu answered. "Though I did not know who the victims we
:iconahzeya:Ahzeya 3 0


Light and Darkness by FrankiLew Light and Darkness :iconfrankilew:FrankiLew 23 3 Big Apple by Dazzel-Almond Big Apple :icondazzel-almond:Dazzel-Almond 2 1 Peachy Keen by FrankiLew Peachy Keen :iconfrankilew:FrankiLew 26 4 JatGP sketches by FrankiLew JatGP sketches :iconfrankilew:FrankiLew 12 5 Hello Seattle by FrankiLew Hello Seattle :iconfrankilew:FrankiLew 17 2 Yin to My Yang by FrankiLew Yin to My Yang :iconfrankilew:FrankiLew 18 2 The Start of the Magic by FrankiLew The Start of the Magic :iconfrankilew:FrankiLew 30 4
Writing Tips - How to Write Child Characters
Like most writers, there are many similarities and patterns that emerge across my stories. Some of it is author appeal - going into great details about locales, for instance. I’ve really come to like describing places, and clothing for some reason. Some of it is style. And some of it I’m probably doing unconsciously. It isn’t exactly a bad thing, although I am aware that if I don’t reel some of these things in at a certain point, they can get old and tired. However, one thing that crosses almost all of my works is that most of my characters are children.
I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but I think that I write children very well. At the very least, it’s what most people seemed to want me to do a writing tips on. And since this series had been on a hiatus for way too long, I thought that I’d take this one on. Because writing children… is a very easy thing to screw up.
Most writers are adults, and a lot of people have forgotte
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 454 61
Ma Cherie by RamblinQuixotic Ma Cherie :iconramblinquixotic:RamblinQuixotic 235 59
Kino's Song (Poem)
Deep in your smile I see the world seeing me,
I'm free to be free,
To be what I be.
When my heart's aching and is shallow on love,
I gaze to the doves,
And I find it above.
Let my desires fly along on a wing,
Along with my dreams,
Alone so it seems.
Thoughts from the heart on a pure spring day,
My mind floats away,
On a dream so they say.
:icontranaran:TranAran 5 1
Roald Dahl Shoes by inkysoles Roald Dahl Shoes :iconinkysoles:inkysoles 3 5
The Yellow Blanket (Pokemon, one shot)
Do you remember that day you spent in the Pokémon world?
It was such a normal, wonderful day, like any day in your own world.
In fact you nearly mistook it for a trip you made in your own world until the memories come into focus with such clarity and realism, the sights, and sounds and sensations all coming alive again, bringing you back.
You remember walking down the street because you had just missed the Ampharos powered streetcar whose steel tracks were set within the autumn colored cobblestones that reflected the afternoon sun.
You noticed a man walking his Herdier, and reminded that this was now possible, you let one of your Pokémon out to accompany you as you tried to navigate the city without a map.
Your Pokémon, thrilled to be with out in world with you, tugged you down a side street, leading you to a canal. You had smelt and heard the waterway, but hadn’t yet seen yourself.
Then you made your way along the street beside the water, loitering here and there,
:iconsupertrainstationh:SuperTrainStationH 2 2
Sleeping time by Gidan-Kuroki Sleeping time :icongidan-kuroki:Gidan-Kuroki 16 7 Gruesical the Musical by FrankiLew Gruesical the Musical :iconfrankilew:FrankiLew 24 1 Bat: The Animated Series by FrankiLew Bat: The Animated Series :iconfrankilew:FrankiLew 14 6 Moooooooom by FrankiLew Moooooooom :iconfrankilew:FrankiLew 11 1


"So, you had to soak nightshade, lilac, and blackberries in water mixed with honey and then leave it under the noon sun until the mixture turned gold?"

"The potion worked perfectly."

"Perfectly how, may I ask? I presume it didn't give the poor child the stomach ache of a lifetime?"

"Certainly not! It gave her the ability to speak to dogs!"

"To dogs?" Tomoko asked with a laugh.

"Take it from me, Tomoko, this child will revolutionize the field of veterinary science!"

"Provided her parents don't think she's possessed!"

"Not this little one. She knows better. And she will be a friend to all canines, the most loyal of creatures. Except, perhaps, for bats," Ladahord added, tipping his friend a wink.

"And I thought the potion you told me about last month was your most creative work. What was in that one again? Bark from a willow tree and a strand of a horse's mane?"

"A strand from a wild horses's mane. Given willingly, I might add." Ladahlord chuckled. "I spent nearly an hour trying to convince that stallion I wanted a single strand, not his whole mane. Huh, his dam didn't call him Diablo for nothing!"

"Diablo?" Tomoko asked.

"It's Spanish for "devil." And believe me, that was a name well-given!"

"Hmmm," Tomoko mused. He leaned back against the grassy knoll where he and Ladahlord were sitting. His wings spread slightly, circling the demon as he glanced up at the full moon. "I thought you said the wild horses were in the American west."

"Oh yes. But their ancestors were brought from Spain and escaped into the mountains and plains to form wild herds."

"Ahh." Tomoko looked up at the moon. "Is Spain a nice place?"

"It can be lovely. But I am partial to England myself."

"Yes, you mentioned that before," Tomoko mused. "That's where you are from, correct?"

"Yes, my brother and I."

"Brother?" Tomoko turned to face Ladahlord fully. "You have a brother?"

Ladahlord chuckled. "Well, in a matter of speaking. The two of came into the world together. Don't ask me how or when, I don't remember. But whereas I have chosen to the roam the world and give magical aid to those who need it, my brother usually stays in one place for a set period of time. Throughout the course of history, he's been a painter, a philosopher, a musician, even a healer."

"What is he doing now, this brother of yours? And what's his name?"

"His true name he prefers to keep a secret. He takes on a new identity when he changes his profession." Ladahlord laughed. "As of now, he's back in England and a candy maker of all things! I believe he has taken the name of Willy."

"Would I be able to meet him?"

"Come to England with me. I'll introduce you."

Tomoko fell silent, turning his eyes back to the full moon. "Would that I could now, my friend," the demon said. "But for now, my place is here with my family."

Ladahlord titled his head at his friend. "You know, Tomoko, I never got the sense that you were particularly happy here in Japan."

Tomoko remained silent, not looking back at his friend. Ladahlord continued. "I have no doubt that you love your family and I know they love you back. But the life you've been leading doesn't seem to suit you."

The bat demon sighed. "Ever since I can remember, I knew my role would be to rule alongside my brother as a leader to the Kuroski bat demons. But Takashi is the one meant to be the next Lord. He... he has something to him I don't." Tomoko closed his eyes as he spoke. "We of the Kurosaki bat demons are famed for being the demons none would dare cross. Why, my father's reputation alone has kept rival demons at bay for over fifty years and Takashi is just as fierce. But I...." Tomoko's voice trailed off.

"You feel you lack the fierce temper and rage that your father and brother can display at a moment's notice?"

"Yes. I can understand fighting to defend my home and my loved ones; I've done it before. But when it comes to an unfamiliar face, well.... I don't see the point in baring my fangs and demanding to know their business."

"As memory serves, that's what led to us being friends."

"Exactly! And I am glad we are friends!"

"As am I. Yet, I remember you mentioning that your father has made it clear that those who live on his territory are free to come to him with any concerns or grievances, correct?"

"That is so. Humans and demons alike, should they so choose."

"Forgive me, but it seems like having the reputation of being fierce demons while encouraging people to come talk to him would hinder your father and brother more than help them."

"It's not just my father and brother, Ladahlord. So many demons build up a reputation of being so strong and vicious that no one dares approach them!" Tomoko shook his head. "Think of how many friendships aren't formed because of that. How much mistrust has been sown not just between other demons, but between demons and humans." Tomoko shook his head. "I just don't see the wisdom in threatening potential allies to the point where you end up becoming enemies."

"Nor do I. Have you spoken with your family about all this, Tomoko?"

"Once. To my father."

"What happened?"

Tomoko drew his knees to his chest, resting his elbows on them. Folding his hands, the demon stared ahead of him as he recalled the memory.

"I remember being quite young, probably only thirteen. I asked my father if I could speak to him in private. When we were alone, I asked him if he was bothered about being regarded as one of the most vicious demons to have ever lived. I told him we probably wouldn't have many allies if people were too scared to approach him."

"What did he say?"

"For a long while, Father didn't say anything; he just looked at me. Then he put his hand on my shoulder and gave me the most serious expression I had ever seen. Father told me that while I wasn't wrong to feel the way I did, there was a good reason why the Kurosaki family had built up such a fierce reputation." Tomoko glanced back at the sky. "Father told me that because so many were afraid to cross him, our territory was one of the safest places in all of Japan to live. The demons who lived there didn't dare break his laws and as such, the few human villages that had cropped up around our homeland could prosper in peace. And if peace was bought with fear that crossing him would yield deadly consequences, he was happy to pay that price."

Tomoko paused, his brow furrowing. "What I remember most about that conversation was the way my father looked at me. His face was serious, but his eyes.... when they met mine, they were so full of sadness. I think...." Tomoko's voice trailed off.

"You think he knew that you lacked what some might call the demon's true nature?"

"Yes. And he wasn't the only one. More than once, I've heard the other bat demons whisper how I would've been better suited to a monk's lifestyle." Tomoko shook his head, making his fawn-colored bangs dance over his brow. "I know my father loves me; I've never doubted that. But I also know that Father far prefers Takashi as an heir over me."

"Tomoko," Ladahlord murmured. The bat demon shook his head, smiling sadly.

"Don't mind me, my friend. As I've said, I've had my family's love."

"But not their full approval for the person you are."

Ladahlord reached over and placed a hand on Tomoko's shoulder. The demon glanced over and smiled at the sorcerer, nodding in thanks. Together, the two of them watched as the moon cast its radiance over the field.

"You've been out again."

Tomoko turned to see Takashi in his bedroom doorway. The elder demon was watching his brother.

"Yes, Takashi, I have," Tomoko answered, securing his night robe.

"With whom?"

"Ladahlord the sorcerer. You remember him?"

"I remember," Takashi answered stiffly. "But I don't see why you've felt it necessary to meet with him for the last five moons."

"Because he's my friend, Takashi."

"Friend?" Takashi frowned, tilting his head at his brother. "You consider the sorcerer a friend?"

"I do."

"What about the rest of us?"

"The rest of us?" Tomoko sat down on his sleeping mat and picked up a small polished stone.

"Your friends among the bat demons here. Your own people."

"You?" Tomoko ran the stone over his claws, honing them to razor points.

Takashi clenched his jaw. "Yes."

"Takashi," Tomoko began gently.

"Tomoko, I urge you to remember that the sorcerer, while a good man, is not one of us and-"

"And he's not my brother," Tomoko finished as he set his stone aside. Rising to his feet, Tomoko approached his older brother. "But you are, Takashi, and that won't change."

"Tomoko." Takashi's eyes softened and he reached out to grasp his brother's shoulder. "I-"

"I know, Takashi," Tomoko said, laying his hand over his brother's. "I know."
First Dance
Our first dance was to "All I Ask of You" from "The Phantom of the Opera."
From left to right: Aaron, Jose, James (the groom!), Nick, Vinny, and Miguel.


Jillian Wagner
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Whew, haven't updated in some time.
Well, I've been married for over a month. While I still feel a little strange referring to my new apartment as "home" or saying my last name is now "Wagner," it's a wonderful feeling! So yes, James and I are settling into out lives wonderfully.
The wedding day was wonderful and the honeymoon was a ton of fun. We spent two days after the wedding just relaxing and packing. Then, James and I went off to Lancaster, PA for a few days. After that, we went to D.C. so that James and our friend Nick could present a panel on Japanese poetry at Otacon and then James and I were off on a week-long cruise to the Bahamas. I don' have pictures just yet, but as soon as I have pictures, I will be posting them!
So, yeah, while the honeymoon was wonderful, it is nice to be back home again. Tonight, we're going grocery shopping, then coming home for a light dinner and a quiet evening. James and I agree that just staying in together is one of the greatest feelings ever!


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